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At Tute we are pioneering new ways to improve pupil attainment

We already partner with hundreds of schools, LAs and colleges to find innovative methods to engage learners and to deliver our vision of empowering teachers, parents and students to bring the best teaching to all. We are putting our vision into practice with evidence-based solutions and best practice studies.

Crucially, Tute changes the basic economics of your school: our solutions can help support Progress 8underpin your pupil premium spendmaintain a rich curriculumreduce your operating costs and bring about new and significant opportunities to engage with parents. 

shireland collegiate academy

Shireland Collegiate Academy

"The use of Tute as an intervention has been hugely beneficial to students and staff at KS3 in Shireland."

Sir Mark Grundy
Principal David Irish explains how Tute has helped Shireland improve Progress 8 performance
"Many schools and academies end load interventions into KS4 in order to boost examination outcomes and this happens to the detriment of intervention at KS3.

Using Tute has been hugely empowering for staff as an efficient way of delivering bespoke intervention for students. The professional approach of Tute teachers to the process has ensured that detailed feedback on next steps that students and staff would require to boost performance. It created many efficiencies for us including reducing staff workload."
KS3 interventions to support Progress 8
The implementation of Tute within Shireland Collegiate Academy (SCA) was with the intention of improving student development and success. Tute has been deployed across the Key Stages and across a range of subject disciplines - in some areas to great effect on the attendance, engagement and learning of the students.

Tute is now becoming a valued instrument in the academy for supporting students and has contributed to the growth in attainment over the last 3 years.
Tute’s successes
An average of 94% attendance at KS3 Tute intervention clubs. 65% of student users at KS3 declared a strong desire to continue using Tute to aid their studies. 78% of student users found the work appropriately challenging and stimulating.

92% of students reported that Tute had a positive impact on their learning.
Raising standards and lowering costs with a Tute Online School
Raising standards and lowering costs with a Tute Online School. Surrey Online School (SOS) is an initiative that provides live online lessons to a range of pupils across the county. It started in September 2015 and has grown rapidly. In the two years that it has been in operation it has delivered over 750 placements to in excess of 50 schools, and services and demand are increasing rapidly.

SOS provide these lessons to a wide range of pupils including those who are out of school due to medical needs, those within Surrey’s existing alternative provision services including Access to Education (A2E), Special Educational Needs (SEN), Looked after Children (LAC), school refusers and increasingly those at risk of permanent exclusion.
The Challenge
Students within alternative provision have traditionally been taught using bank staff who visit students in their own home to conduct face to face education. Technology has changed the face of mainstream education and schools are now using a range of innovative IT solutions to bring lessons to life and make learning more engaging. At the same time measuring the impact of the numerous forms of existing alternative provision proved difficult, particularly for students who were only supported by the local authority for a short space of time.

The challenge for Surrey County Council and Tute was to bring some of these exciting learning methods into the alternative provision environment at a time when budgets were being squeezed, whilst also providing a way that the outcomes for these students could be made more measurable.
By taking a creative approach to the delivery of online learning, SOS has seen some of Surrey’s hardest-to-reach students flourish. Many barriers created by physical, emotional and mental health issues have been overcome.

Attendance, self-esteem and attainment have all increased whilst associated costs have gone down.

Surrey Online School

"Our student has had a life-changing experience with SOS. He is now contributing to lessons and has a positive outlook about his future."

Denbigh High School

"We're very happy that we've been able to retain a student who wanted to study French at A-Level."
Dr. Evans explains how Tute has helped Denbigh High School retain students to learn French.
Denbigh High School is an English medium 11 to 19 mixed comprehensive school in North Wales and had 542 pupils on roll in 2016, 6% of whom speak Welsh as a first language. The school has a longstanding partnership with Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn, a special needs school catering mainly to pupils with autism and Asperger syndrome. ​

“As a school it’s a good thing because it allows us to run courses that we can’t actually staff ourselves; we’ve not got the staffing commitment, or the cost precludes that. It’s a much cheaper way of delivering a subject for a very small cohort of students and the key thing is to make sure that the students are keen and motivated and want to do it. We’re happy that they are getting a decent quality education and will come out with successful outcomes. I’d certainly recommend Tute to other headteachers and other schools in a similar situation to ours because it does enable you to run a curriculum which is broader."
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