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Birmingham City Council

About Birmingham City Council

Tute have worked closed with Birmingham City Council‘s Education Placement Mentors to secure online learning for home educated students across Birmingham. Local authorities have a duty under the Education Act 1996 to ensure that elective home educated children are receiving a suitable education and Tute has helped them to achieve this.

Tute's purpose

Students from Birmingham City Council have utilised Tute Courses for GCSE provision.

How do their students rate Tute?

I enjoy Tute lessons 100%
I feel safe in Tute lessons 100%
I make progress in Tute lessons 100%
My responses are valued in Tute lessons 100%
My behaviour has allowed me to make progress 100%
There are enough independent learning materials to support me 100%
Feedback I’ve had in lessons/on homework/assignments has been valuable 100%
I am prepared for the examination/end of year assessment 100%
Learning online is better than learning in the classroom 100%
Quality of what my teacher delivers is good/excellent 100%
I would reccomend Tute to others 100%
I enjoy learning with others in my online lessons 100%

Tute's impact

Boosting progress

Over the duration of their course programmes:


Students made an average of 1.0 grades of progress


Students made an average of 2.0 grades of progress


Students made an average of 1.5 grades of progress

Improving attainment


of students attained grade 5 or above in all core subjects (English, maths and science)

What do their students say about Tute?

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