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Progress and Engagement

Monitoring Student Performance

For every lesson that your students attend, their teacher will grade them on their: 

  • Progress that they demonstrate in achieving the lesson objectives for that lesson 
  • The level of engagement that they demonstrate within the lesson 

At Tute we feel that it is important to record these scores for every student in every lesson so that you will get as detailed a picture as possible of how your students are performing in our classrooms.  These scores, along with a suggestion for progress, are shared with your students who can access them to review their own performance during their lessons from their Tute account. 

We record our progress and engagement in each lesson using our 1-5 apple descriptors as we call them.  These outline the skills and attitudes that we would like to see to be awarded the appropriate score.  These can help in discussions with parents regarding how well their child is doing in Tute lessons.  It can act also as a discussion point with the student themselves when reviewing performance.  You are able to access this information using your Tute account to access the platform.  Below is a short video on how to access this information: 

Accessing progress and engagement data 

You’ll also find below a link to a document that outlines the descriptors for each of the 1-5 grades for progress and engagement.

Link to 1-5 apple descriptor document

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