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Everything Tute offers for GCSE exam preparation and success

How Tute can support your students to succeed in their English and Maths GCSEs

In addition to our Shared GCSE Courses, we want to offer your students every chance to achieve the best outcomesWe have designed a range of programmes and curriculums which will prepare your students effectively for this summer’s exams:

1. Tute Go Twilight – after-school GCSE revision support starting 19th February 2024 

Evening revision lessons, delivered live online by qualified teachers 

After the GCSE mock exams, schools will have identified students in need of revision support for the upcoming mocks in term 2, ensuring they secure their target grades in preparation for the summer exams.  

For those facing challenges like lack of confidence, declining attendance, grades below pass requirements, or disengagement with education, we aim to provide quality support, ensuring they have the best chance to achieve their desired outcomes. 

2. Easter GCSE Booster Revision Programme  

English (AQA), Maths (Edexcel) and Combined Science: Trilogy (AQA) 

Boost student exam confidence with Tute over Easter break  

Starting on Monday 1 April our GCSE revision timetable offers two lessons a day in English, maths, and science to help student prepare for their exams. 

Our GCSE revision programmes aim to encourage and motivate students to make real progress to help them achieve their desired outcomes.  

  • Exam-board specific, fundamental content
  • Past paper practice to develop exam skills
  • Purposefully structured timetable to facilitate learning
  • Qualified, supportive teachers
  • Collaborative, small-group revision

3. Free, night-before-the-exam GCSE revision warm up sessions from Tute – starts May 

  • FREE timetable of livestream GCSE revision lessons in English, maths, and science. 
  • The live lessons will take place the night before each GCSE exam.   
  • They will include the use of proven revision strategies, past paper practice, and valuable support and guidance for those last-minute questions and worries that all students have. 
  • Here’s a video from our Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning, Becky, explaining it: 

Click here to watch the video 

4. GCSE English and maths shared courses for students starting in January 2024 

Condensed, focused Shared Courses in GCSE AQA English and Edexcel maths.  

Tute’s condensed curriculum will effectively support students joining our shared GCSE courses during term 2. The curriculum concentrates on essential concepts and content, optimising students’ chances of success in the summer exams.  

By compressing the course material into a shorter timeframe, students can maintain a consistent pace of learning and effectively cover the necessary content.  

The lessons are in the same format as our usual shared GCSE Courses and the cost is £16 per student per lesson.  Lessons will continue up until the lesson before the final English/maths exam.  

5. Private Tute Go – targeted programmes for revision 

Create your own targeted programme to support revision for your students with  private Tute Go.  

  • Only your students would join the lessons (up to a maximum of 12 per group)  
  • You timetable the lessons, so they fit with your timetable  
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons, the duration of your programme and frequency of lesson delivery is your choice  
  • You will have access to our lesson library to build your scheme of learning from the available lesson topics – there are hundreds to choose from!

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