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New Virtual School timetables 23/24 - Enrichment Wednesdays

Learn about our new Enrichment Wednesdays

We are delighted to share Tute’s Virtual School timetables for the upcoming academic year. These timetables have been carefully designed with our students’ needs in mind, and offer a broad range of subjects, flexibility in scheduling, and opportunities for enrichment. 

One of the key highlights this year is  subject coverage. To ensure that our students’ interests and aspirations are considered, we have introduced Enrichment Wednesdays. On these days, students can explore a variety of subjects that align with their interests and next steps. From financial literacy to online safety and learning skills. 

Equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the digital world, the workplace, and life in general, this new addition provides valuable, non-core learning, expanding the curriculum beyond the usual AP offer.

Our new timetables cover a wide range of topics that will instil invaluable skills and knowledge that enable students not only to thrive academically but also to lead happy and healthy lives. 

For further details and a more comprehensive overview of our Virtual School timetable, see here. 

We look forward to continuing working with you to ensure a successful and enriching academic year ahead. 

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