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Reading your heart out

Summer reading challenge

Tute’s Summer Holiday Reading challenge offers students the chance to read their hearts out. With inclusivity at its core, students have the opportunity to develop a regular reading habit whilst reading in their own way, on their own terms. 

Students will commit to reading for a set amount of time most or every day of the summer holidays. They are free to choose their own reading material in any form which works for them (print, digital or audio). Alongside of this, they can also produce a range of creative materials to celebrate their reading and share their opinions.  

We’ll support students every step of the way with information about free reading apps in both digital and audio form, and suggested fun reading activities 

Underpinning the initiative is for reading for pleasure to become a part of students’ everyday lives. The benefits of reading for pleasure are widely reported and we want them to benefit on both an academic and social level. 

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