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Sharon Smith

Impact and Evaluation Manager

Quality Assurance at Tute

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2024 will see us continuing to strengthen and refine our quality assurance practices at Tute. We’ve already completed over 500+ quality assurance checks in term 1 alone, but by adding substantial capacity to this team we will be able to ensure teaching and learning excellence is sustained across our provisions. 

Our newly appointed Quality Assurance Manager, Hannah Davies, is entrusted with the critical responsibility of ensuring that Tute’s pedagogy and lesson structure design is consistently understood and executed by Tute’s 150+ teachers, thereby sustaining excellent student progress. As QA Manager, Hannah brings educational expertise, a passion for quality, a clear understanding of student progress, and strong leadership skills to the Tute team. 

Hannah will oversee the expanded Quality Team. This team consists of our Quality Assurance Specialist (anon-teaching role) and five Quality Coordinators, who are also teachers across a range of subjects and specialisms at Tute. All play a pivotal role in conducting quality assurance checks and delivering our peer-peer coaching model to enhance practice and evolve online pedagogy.  

 This dedicated team will continue to provide meaningful support and targeted feedback to colleagues, ensuring Tute’s provision meets the standards expected not only by the Tute team, but also by our partners and, most importantly, to enable positive outcomes for our students.  

Evidence from the EEF suggests:  

“The best available evidence indicates that great teaching is the most important lever schools have to improve pupil attainment. Ensuring every teacher is supported in delivering high-quality teaching is essential to achieving the best outcomes for all pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged among them.”  

This principle underpins the work done by the quality team at every juncture. This team’s dedication will serve to further strengthen our already robust quality assurance processes and provide the capacity needed to support our growing team of teachers.

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