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Platform Update

Self-service for partners, from Phill Hughes our Technology Manager

I’m Phill, the technology manager at Tute. I’ve been working at Tute for over 9 years and I am responsible for all things tech – for our partners as well as our internal team. We have some exciting news about our learning platform that I’m keen to share with you.

Over this past year, we have been speaking with our partners to understand more about the things you love in our platform and the things that could work better. We’ve used this feedback to define new functionality which breaks down into four focused areas: self-service administration, self-service booking and scheduling, reporting and user roles.

We’re pleased to share that we’re on track to launch a suite of self-service functions at the start of September, which we have included in the overview table below. These new functions are being introduced to make managing your account and managing your students simpler and quicker. We’ll share more detailed information closer to the start of next term, including guidance videos that will walk you through the improvements.

We’ll keep you updated on the other new features coming throughout the autumn, but in the meantime, we’re happy to answer any of your questions and, as always, we’d love to hear your ideas for our next platform feature.

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What you used to do 

What you’ll do from September 

What this means for you 


  • Complete a snapshot and wait for us to set up your account 
  • Complete a short form online to set your account up directly 

Faster setup 

Create, edit and withdraw students 

  • Complete an online form to register a student onto one of our curriculums 
  • Wait for form to be processed before starting provision 
  • Changes requested via account manager or through our operations team 
  • Create student accounts 
  • Changes to student details can be made in the same way 
  • Withdraw students directly from the platform 

Easier student management 

EHCP documentation 

  • Email link was sent directly to you where EHCPs could be uploaded for us to access 
  • If the link expired, you had to email into our SEND team 
  • Drag and drop documents into the platform where we can access them instantly 

Easier document management 

Lesson recordings 

  • You need to go into each individual lesson to access a lesson recording  
  • Access a list of lesson recordings available to you through your platform landing page 

Easier access to lesson recordings 

Contact us form 

  • All contact is made through emails or phone calls  
  • Contact us directly through the platform without having to type in your name and contact details 

Smoother support journey 

Get in touch

Ask us anything