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Becky Clark

Assistant Head of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

Long-term alternative provision for KS3 students

Launching in time for half-term 2...

We are excited to be launching English and maths courses for year 7, year 8 and year 9 after the October half term.  Courses at this level are being introduced in response to the growing number of students we have seen joining our Virtual School (designed for short term provision) to provide a longer-term solution. 

Tute’s new courses will offer students an enriched provision, supportive independent learning tasks and frequent assessments with progress and engagement reported after each lesson and half termly student reports focusing on feedback and development.  

Students will benefit from a fully developed curriculum and specifically selected content which grows in complexity as the subject is explored more extensively. Carefully sequenced lessons will progressively build students’ knowledge and skills, provide opportunities to revisit concepts in response to assessments and target progression that is embedded within wider development. The aim of the Courses programmes is to ensure that the delivery of the curriculum is fully adapted to the needs of every student. As students’ progress through their course, understanding and confidence will grow. 

The number of students accessing or in need of alternative provision has been steadily rising over the last 5 years (gov.uk) and Key Stage 3 courses will provide a real alternative to support students without access to local offers or love learning online!

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