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Students supporting students

At Tute we work with students to support them in their learning journeys in whatever form they take.  Some of our students join us for a short programme of study, whilst others join for the duration of their GCSE or A-Level courses. And whilst our teachers are on hand to offer support and encouragement, sometimes what is most amazing is the way in which our students support each other.  

In some lessons, students join the online classroom from the same school or even the same class, but they might not usually work together.  Yet, straight away, in the chatbox or on the microphones, we’ll see and hear words of encouragement and support towards one another; a student solves a Maths problem and their classmates will use a smiley emoji or clap hands as their status; a student answers an English question and the other students will build on their response, agreeing with or challenging one others’ points.  It’s a daily occurrence, but really is heart-warming to see and these are perhaps the sort of interactions that some people just don’t expect online learning to facilitate. 

However, recently we’ve been exploring the ways that students can support each other in different ways.  One of our non-mainstream, local authority settings recently commissioned an exam skills learning programme where students had the opportunity to learn about revision techniques, overcoming exam nerves and maximising chances of exam success.  It was a great programme of study and a brilliant way to support students in the run up to exams.  However, the most resounding success of the programme was inviting students to support each other by sharing their own tips and tricks for preparing for exams. These tips were then embedded into the lessons as example former student responses used to inspire discussion and one student has even made a video where she shared her experiences with current students. 

Peer to peer learning has been shown to have so many benefits; building confidence, developing a mastery approach to skills and learning, promoting self-efficacy, encouraging help-seeking behaviours and student self-evaluation… the list goes on and on.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Shared with permission from the student, check out future vlogger in the making, Eunice, offering support for her fellow exam students. What a star!  

If you’d like to explore how online learning can promote student to student support or to consider how to embed this into your Tute provision, please do get in touch!  

Dr. Sharon Smith
Impact and Evaluation Manager

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