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The Tute Team is now working from home until further notice, and, subject to a healthy team, there will be no change to the delivery of lessons

Please note that Tute's main phone line is open as normal

If you experience any problems getting through on our main line, please call  07958 642 136  or  07957 780 894  

If you require ICT support, please call  07984 250 004 or 07984 250 282

We want every student to feel confident in their learning with Tute and that's why we offer a free taster lesson/s with no further commitment

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How Tute can help schools and parents with school closures 

Join Tute’s Virtual Home School 

Tute’s Virtual Home School delivers the same lessons as our

usual Virtual School to larger groups, at a lower cost per student,

per lesson.


Our Virtual Home School provides access to high-quality lessons covering English, maths, science, humanities and other curriculum subjects, delivered by Tute’s qualified teachers. 


Students join a group of up to 20 other learners in a choice of differentiated programmes, mapped to the National Curriculum. 


The timetable is fixed with a choice of between 2-22 lessons per week across KS1-kS4 at a cost of £6.00 per student per lesson.  The Tute Team can enrol students within 24 hours. 

Now that schools are closed due to COVID-19, Tute can help students continue with their education and create a structured timetable of lessons that can be followed from home. As always, students are at the core of everything we do.

Our lessons will be delivered as normal 

Subject to a healthy team, all Tute lessons are continuing as normal. Students who normally access Tute lessons from school will be able to access them from home. Our current customers, and new ones, can continue to enrol students to our shared provision within 24-48 hours.  


The Tute Virtual School is getting busier, but we are adding more groups to keep the numbers down and to ensure that students are still getting the high-quality teaching they’ve come to expect.  

Use our platform for your own teachers to deliver

We know that the most efficient and effective solution to ensure continuity of teaching is to move your lessons online, with your teachers teaching your students.  


With YouTeach, we can offer you the use of our Tute platform, so

that your teachers can deliver lessons to your students.   


Tute’s platform has the best functionality to deliver lessons and you don’t need to worry about the system crashing as lots of students

try to log in at the same time.

By using the Tute platform, you can be confident that your school is complying with the necessary GDPR and safeguarding requirements to adequately protect your staff and students. 

tute’s objective is to be the first-choice online teaching partner for schools and other

non-mainstream settings in ensuring that all children are engaged and are achieving in a

high-quality, rich and inclusive curriculum. tute's range of products, delivered by our qualified teachers, fill the ever-increasing gaps in provision.

tute is a BETT award-winning provider of live and interactive teaching, online. We partner with schools to improve pupil attainment by providing flexible, affordable additional teaching and learning to fill gaps in capacity and curriculum. 


tute's qualified teachers deliver lessons live in our safeguarded online classroom, the

Learning Cloud and improve student outcomes from KS1 – KS5, in over 30 subjects, deployed by schools as intervention, enrichment, catch-up or alternative provision.

tute lessons are live online lessons delivered by qualified teachers in groups of up to 12 students

  • 45-minute, live lessons delivered by qualified teachers on webcam using the Tute online platform.


  • Up to 12 young people taught online in a group lesson.


  • Students communicate by voice (microphone on PC), live chat and using an interactive whiteboard.

  • The lessons and scheme of learning are all mapped to the National Curriculum.

Watch this demo live lesson to see tute in action.

Real teachers, real engagement

Students who are not engaged or stretched by their lessons in the classroom – and those who must learn away from the classroom, may not make sufficient progress with traditional online resources.

tute is different. Our faculty of qualified, experienced teachers deliver high-quality lessons, live online via the innovative Tute Learning Cloud platform.


They work closely with your teachers to plan the additional support that will be right for the learning needs of each student.

Students love learning on Tute

"tute gives me opportunities to get ahead and go the extra mile."


"It’s an online programme that helps children learn. You go online and can book a session and really learn a lot. I liked the fact it was online and I (my parents) didn’t have to drive me to a Tuition Centre."


"If you learn something in class and don't understand it, you can go back to her [your tute teacher] and tell her and she'll help you with it."

Discover tute today!

Arrange a free taster lesson

We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how tute works

and why our online lessons are so effective.


To arrange a free taster lesson please complete the form

or call 0330 330 9751.

Tute’s objective is to be the first-choice online teaching partner for schools and other non-mainstream settings in ensuring that all children are engaged and are achieving in a high-quality, rich and inclusive curriculum. tute's range of products, delivered by our qualified teachers, fill the ever-increasing gaps in provision.

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