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Tute's Virtual School offers alternative provision in core subjects, humanities and beyond

From short or long-term alternative provision to offering access to a different way of engaging with education, Tute’s Virtual School can fill the gap.

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What is a Virtual School?

Tute’s VS was initially established in 2014 to support students in the Surrey Online School. Its success an impact on those students led us to make it available nationwide and it has kept on growing since then with now thousands of students enrolled. The VS enables overnight, short-term provision through a set timetable of lessons in core and other subjects. There is a choice of differentiated programmes mapped to the National Curriculum that meet meaningful learning objectives, despite the short-term nature.

What Key Stages and subjects does it cover?

KS1-KS4. English, maths, science, humanities, English literature, SMSC and ESOL.

Which students does it suit?  How best is it used?

Our VS serves many students including those who have been excluded (including internal exclusions), need day 6 provision, re-engagement with learning and short-term alternative provision. Many students are with us long term because they engage in their learning and cover content and skills that are often difficult for PRUs and LAs to provide in challenging circumstances. It is sometimes the case that the VS is a child’s only source of education and for some, is part of a wider solution with other provision slotting in around the learner’s chosen timetable.

How does it work?

Students can join our shared Virtual School timetable, at any point during a half term and can be enrolled into any combination of subjects and programmes. Select from 2-22 differentiated lessons per week and your student/s will receive login details within 48hrs of us receiving your completed booking form.

How is student progress tracked? 

Progress and attainment are measured against the learning objectives set by Tute and are recorded for each student after each lesson in your Progress Tracker made available to you weekly.

How much does it cost?

Virtual School: £11.50 per student, per lesson. ESOL Virtual School: £11.50 per student, per lesson.

Is there a shared and private option? 

Tute’s Virtual School is available as a shared option only which means that Tute determines the content, the timetable and your student/s will join others referred by other establishments.

What's included?

Qualified, DBS checked-teachers

Playback of all lessons

Scheme of learning that can be aligned with class teaching

Progress tracker following every lesson

Data dashboard

Half-termly review

Admin support

IT support

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