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Excluded children left in limbo and long waiting lists

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Across the United Kingdom, the number of permanent exclusions has surged. In fact, the 22 councils that provided exclusion data for last year saw an astonishing 61% rise in permanent exclusions.

While some PRUs have expanded their official capacity, many are stretched to their limits. Over a third of councils reported having waiting lists for PRU places this summer.

In response to the growing challenge, Tute recognises the critical importance of providing timely and high-quality education for these students. Tute’s Virtual School is specifically designed to support education partners nationwide with their pressing issues. Tute can help you if you’re:

With Tute, your students could be absent today, learning tomorrow

Our commitment to you

48 hour guaranteed Enrolment
Tute understands the urgency of providing timely access to education. With our 48-hour guaranteed enrolment, we ensure that excluded students can begin their learning journey without delay.

15 hour timetable
Our comprehensive timetable offers substantial learning hours, allowing students to engage deeply with their studies and make meaningful progress.

Broad curriculum
Tute’s curriculum aligns with national standards, covering a wide range of subjects and topics. We are committed to delivering a holistic educational experience to every student.

Delivered by qualified teachers
At the heart of Tute’s approach are our qualified and experienced teachers. Our educators are well-prepared to support students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

A digital learning environment designed to nurture, encourage and re-engage learners

Tute’s lessons are delivered live in our online classroom, The Learning Cloud. Students access their lessons via their personalised timetable in their platform portal or their app.

Our platform and Learning Cloud are purpose-built for teaching and learning, ensuring optimal learner engagement. Our teachers undergo extensive technical preparation along with training in online pedagogy, student engagement techniques, and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Under the leadership of Tute’s assistant head of T&L, our curriculum leaders craft meaningful, differentiated schemes of learning that meet the objectives of the national curriculum. Students learn in a way that meets their needs and on a par with their peers.

Live online lessons
in Tute’s earning Cloud

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Qualified, DBS

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.00 1

Attendance dashboard (qualified for Code B attendance)

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Scheme of learning mapped to the national curriculum

Progress and engagement tracked in each lesson

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Suggestions for progress provided to enhance learning

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Playback of lessons

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Half-termly review

Our broad curriculum, covering KS1 - KS4 includes:

Access your timetable

Students can join our VS timetable at any point during a half term and can be enrolled into any combination of subjects and programmes.

No planning input is required from settings; you just select from differentiated programmes to build a comprehensive timetable.

How much does it cost?

Tute Virtual School costs just £12 per student, per lesson with a selection of up to 22 lessons available per week in differentiated programmes.

Track progress, engagement, and attendance with ease

A link teacher will have access to their own portal in Tute’s platform to view student information.

After every lesson, Tute teachers assess student progress and engagement in the platform against the scheme of learning objectives. They also provide a suggestion for the student’s progress.

Attendance is tracked in each lesson. If a student has not attended within 5 minutes, designated contacts (including parents if you wish) receive an email notification.

The link teacher can conveniently access comprehensive and summarized information through the platform, with the option to download reports for seamless sharing with others.

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