Tute Online Schools - delivering sustained impact in a local authority using learning online.

A Tute Online School is an ideal solution to improve learning,
achievement and life opportunities for looked-after children
whilst significantly reducing costs of delivery.

Providing access to learning online with Tute reduces the challenges, cost and time needed to engage students who are unable to attend school.

The platform is safeguarded and tailored to support pupils in a variety of settings allowing children to access learning wherever they are.

Chris Goodall was responsible for the implementation of Tute for alternative provision for Surrey County Council. He has prepared a white paper for Virtual Heads and Local Authorities to assess the outcomes.

"Our student has had a life-changing experience with SOS. He is now contributing to lessons and has a positive outlook about his future."

Raising standards and lowering costs with a Tute Online School.

Surrey Online School (SOS) is an initiative that provides live online lessons to a range of pupils across the county. It started in September 2015 and has grown rapidly.


In the two years that it has been in operation it has delivered over 750 placements to in excess of 50 schools, and services and demand are increasing rapidly.


SOS provide these lessons to a wide range of pupils including those who are out of school due to medical needs, those within Surrey’s existing alternative provision services including Access to Education (A2E), Special Educational Needs (SEN), Looked after Children (LAC), school refusers and increasingly those at risk of permanent exclusion.

Chris Goodall's White paper

Watch this demo live lesson to see Tute in action.

A pioneering learning format to engage

looked-after children.

Tute is allowing an alternative to much more expensive face-to-face tutoring and is enabling the LA to cope with increasing demands on all alternative education services without incurring additional cost.

  • 45-minute, live lessons delivered by qualified teachers on webcam using the Tute online platform.


  • Up to 12 young people taught online in a group lesson.


  • Students communicate by voice (microphone on PC), live chat and using an interactive whiteboard.

  • The curriculum, lessons and scheme of learning are all agreed with the teacher/school in advance.

The Challenge.

Students within alternative provision have traditionally been taught using bank staff who visit students in their own home to conduct face to face education. Technology has changed the face of mainstream education and schools are now using a range of innovative IT solutions to bring lessons to life and make learning more engaging. At the same time measuring the impact of the numerous forms of existing alternative provision proved difficult, particularly for students who were only supported by the local authority for a short space of time.


The challenge for Surrey County Council and Tute was to bring some of these exciting learning methods into the alternative provision environment at a time when budgets were being squeezed, whilst also providing a way that the outcomes for these students could be made more measurable.


By taking a creative approach to the delivery of online learning, SOS has seen some of Surrey’s hardest-to-reach students  flourish.


Many barriers created by physical, emotional and mental health issues have been overcome.


Attendance, self-esteem and attainment have all increased whilst associated costs have gone down.


Learn more about Surrey Online School in the white paper written by Chris Goodall. Download the white paper

Real teachers, real engagement.

Students who are not engaged or stretched by their lessons in the classroom – and those who must learn away from the classroom, may not make sufficient progress with traditional online resources.

Tute is different. Our faculty of qualified, experienced teachers deliver high quality lessons, live online via the innovative Tute Learning Cloud platform.


They work closely with your teachers to plan the
additional support that will be right for the learning needs of each student.

Students love learning on Tute.

"Tute gives me opportunities to get ahead and go the extra mile."


"It’s an online programme that helps children learn. You go online and can book a session and really learn a lot. I liked the fact it was online and I (my parents) didn’t have to drive me to a Tuition Centre."


"If you learn something in class and don't understand it, you can go back to her [your Tute teacher] and tell her and she'll help you with it."

Discover Tute today.

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