How it works

What Tute does is simple: our team of qualified teachers deliver live lessons to fill gaps in the education of children and young people

Tute’s flexibility means we can help students from all kinds of backgrounds in all types of settings to advance their education. 

See what kinds of scenarios we can help with below.

Tute is commissioned by education settings who need support to deliver the provision that their students need or are entitled to.   


Schools, local authorities, and non-mainstream settings are having to do far more with much less; a challenge often resulting in gaps that risk students’ needs not being met.


Whilst labels might lead students to Tute, we see beyond them here. All are welcome! Tute is an inclusive environment that works for most students, be they accessing mainstream education or unable to attend the traditional classroom. 


Across all of Tute’s lessons, children with different needs and abilities are learning and making progress. Students could be overcoming their personal barriers to learning, striving to achieve academic excellence or simply accessing a different way of engaging with education.

Students are at the core of everything we do. Every child matters and we bring the best teaching to all of them.

Build our partnership

Students join their live lessons

Receive ongoing support and information


The process in detail...

Book your FREE taster lesson!

We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how Tute works and why our online lessons are so effective.

We want every student to feel confident in their learning with Tute and that’s why we offer a free taster lesson/s.

To arrange a free taster lesson please complete this form. A member of the Tute Team will be in touch with you soon.

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