Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we’re asked by our customers. You can find more in our support pages or, if you wish, use our Live Chat service to talk to one of our team.

How do I join a lesson?

Log into your account at (you will see a login box to click on). Enter your user name and password. Click on the Timetable icon and go to the date of the lesson. You will see the event – click on this and join your lesson.

Which level should I book?

If you’re unsure talk to our Learning Advisor, or to a teacher at your school. Whatever lesson you choose, if you’re on the wrong level then our teachers will tell you, and you’ll get a call to advise what to book instead.

How do I assign lessons to my children?

Log into your account at and click on the My Bookings tab. You will see a list of lessons booked and at the far right of each lesson a button marked ‘Actions’. Click this button, the select ‘Assign’ and choose the pupil to receive the lesson

How safe are group lessons?

All of our lessons are recorded to protect the teacher and their pupils. All teachers are DBS checked and the platform includes filters to stop profanities or email/phone numbers being exchanged. 96% of pupils feel safe in Tute lessons according to research.

Do group lessons work?

Students learn in small groups at school, and love interacting with peers. Research from a small scale trial at Durham University found a positive effect for Tute lessons compared to students not taking Tute lessons. Research undertaken by Doctoral candidates at The University of Chester showed that 90% of students would recommend Tute to others, and that 88% feel that they learn new things.


Tute is used in hundreds of schools and is approved by local authorities. We conform to the highest safeguarding standards, and have the necessary tools to help support young people with SEND.


Every Tute session is recorded. This means that we monitor every lesson and ensure the very best quality of teaching. Parents can review the lesson too, as can the student for revision.


Our teachers are qualified, and are DBS checked. As trained professionals they have a natural authority, and can manage effective and engaging classes.

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