National Tutoring Programme

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The NTP makes high-quality tutoring available to schools to help those whose education has been most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

The NTP supports schools by providing access to high-quality tutoring to help pupils whose education has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Evidence shows that tutoring can boost progress by up to five months, with extensive evidence showing that tutoring is one of the most effective tools to support learning and accelerate pupil progress.


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Using both TP and School-led Tuition

School-Led Tutoring is part of the expanded NTP in 2021/22 and sits alongside Tuition Partners and as a tutoring route that schools can utilise to access subsidised tuition for disadvantaged pupils and those pupils who need it the most. 

The DfE strongly recommends that schools use a combination of these routes to meet the diverse needs of their pupils and to access the maximum available funding for catch-up tutoring.  

No one route alone will subsidise tuition for a full cohort of disadvantaged pupils; therefore, schools and academy trusts should aim to use a combination of the routes available to them to provide support to all pupils that require it. For example, schools in receipt of the School-Led Tutoring grant are encouraged to also apply for Tuition Partners if they are eligible. 

Tute is an approved Tuition Partner

NTP pays 70% of your tuition cost with Tute

Tute can provide your School-led Tuition

Pay for your Tute tuition with the grant received from the DfE

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