Our student and parent feedback speaks for itself!

As the doors of your school close for the holiday, Tute will stay open!

Bridge the gaps in learning and boost confidence with our Virtual Summer School


According to the Education Endowment Foundation school closures are likely to reverse progress made in the last decade to close the attainment gap. Their rapid evidence assessment found that effective remote learning will lessen the extent to which the gap widens, and that sustained support will be needed to help disadvantaged pupils catch up

Tute’s Virtual Summer School prepares year 9s for GCSE and provides catch-up and revision for year 10

Amongst its other products, Tute is providing that sustained support with a targeted 5-week programme of lessons for years 9 and 10. Due to demand, our Virtual Home School will also continue for younger pupils in years 1 to 8. 


Tute puts the student at the core of everything it does, and our aim is to better prepare young people for school in September and to support you in beginning the long process of filling the gaps. 


Running from 21 July to 20 August, lessons with our qualified teachers cost only  £8 per student, per lesson - that’s £120 per subject for the whole 5-week course. 
At the end of the Virtual Summer School, young people will receive a report for each subject detailing their individual strengths and areas for development along with a certificate of completion. 

A specific and targeted programme covering the foundations of GCSE English language, maths and science. This will support year 9 students who have not had the opportunity to begin GCSE work due to school closure.

A comprehensive programme focusing on key content across English, maths and science to close the attainment gap following school closure and to maintain student progression and confidence.

Remember, our lessons are not pre-recorded – they are LIVE and delivered

in real-time by a fully-qualified and experienced teacher

Click on the timetables below to discover what our Virtual Summer School has to offer

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