Easter GCSE revision programmes

Two weeks of daily GCSE revision lessons in English, maths and/or science – Programmes start on 3rd April

GCSE revision programmes

Evening revision lessons, delivered live online by qualified teachers

Tute’s targeted revision programmes are designed to boost student attainment in core subjects, by developing a secure understanding of fundamental content and enabling progression through exam practice and preparation.

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Trust Tute to build student confidence

Starting 20th February, our 9-week evening programme offers a timetable of 2 lessons a week in English (AQA), maths (EdExcel) and/or combined science trilogy (AQA). 

The targeted revision lessons are spaced throughout the week to ensure that students encounter the fundamental knowledge and concepts in lesson 1, and develop exam skills to apply their knowledge in lesson 2. Spaced practice boosts learning by spreading lessons and retrieval opportunities out over time, so learning is not crammed all at once.  

Tute’s GCSE revision programmes aim to encourage and motivate students to make real progress to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Secure that 4

Build students’ confidence in answering questions to help boost their grades from a 3 to 4 to achieve standard passes*

*Tute’s programmes are pitched at these grades but, as in any learning, achieving them cannot be guaranteed.

Strive for 5

Build students’ ability to apply knowledge to help boost grades from 4 to a 5 to achieve strong passes*

*Tute’s programmes are pitched at these grades but, as in any learning, achieving them cannot be guaranteed.

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Trust Tute to build student confidence in preparation for exams

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Yvonne Ruggles, Day 6 and Inclusion Coordinator at Richard Barnes Academy tells us how Tute’s support as an online teaching partner has been invaluable.

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What does a Tute lesson look like?

Tute’s award-winning, custom-built online classroom, the Learning Cloud, is specifically for teaching and learning.
The small-group nature, collaboration, environment, interactivity, and expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress.
Students can access their Tute lessons from any location.

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