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Our FAQs and how-to videos should cover the answers you’re looking for, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to be of support!

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General FAQs

If you’re unsure of the appropriate level, please talk to our Learning Advisor (contact us here), or to a teacher at your school.

Whatever lesson you choose, if you’re on the wrong level then our teachers will tell you, and you’ll get a call to advise what to book instead.

Tute specialises in small group teaching and the benefits this delivers for individuals who may otherwise be isolated by their circumstances. If our shared timetables are not convenient then we are happy to discuss 1:1 lessons on a case by case basis. 

Safeguarding of students is important to us, so all of our lessons are recorded to protect the teacher and their pupils, and teachers are fully qualified and DBS-checked. A pupil’s camera is also not used, but they can see the teacher. The platform includes profanity filters and prevents email/phone numbers being exchanged.

96% of pupils feel safe in Tute lessons according to feedback.

You can read more about our Safeguarding policy here

Students learn in small groups at school, and love interacting with peers. Research from a small-scale trial at Durham University found a positive effect for Tute lessons compared to students not taking Tute lessons.

Research undertaken by Doctoral candidates at the University of Chester showed that 90% of students would recommend Tute to others, and that 88% feel that they learn new things.

Find out more about the research behind Tute here.

No. Our teachers use webcams and are visible to our students, but we ask that students keep their webcam switch off. Students cannot be seen by our teacher, or by one another.  

All Tute students should be supervised by an appropriate adult at the location they are joining our lessons from. Whilst we uphold rigorous safeguarding standards in our online environment, we cannot be responsible for the physical safety of students and responsibility for this lies with the commissioner. 

The length of time it takes to process a booking will depend on the type of provision you are booking.  

Shared provision: Students can be enrolled into Shared lessons within 24-48 hours of us receiving your completed booking form.  

Private provision: we work on a 2 to 3-week timescale to process bookings for private provision but bookings can be processed quicker or slower depending on the size of the booking that you make, whether the times you select are popular or not and whether we have tutors available at those times.   

You will receive confirmation of lessons starting shortly before they begin.  At this time, you will receive log in details for your students as well as a guide about how to access lessons on our learning platform.  These logins can then be distributed to students in preparation for their sessions getting under way.  Students will keep their login details throughout their time with us at Tute. 

Our IT team will be in contact with your named IT contact once the booking forms have been submitted for your school.  Once the Network Manager / 3rd Party company / LA have configured their firewalls as per our technical requirements, the test itself just involves somebody mimicking the student journey school side. They need to access their school network as one of their students would (student network / PC log in) and ideally be in the exact location Tute lessons will be accessed from, ideally using the same equipment (device & headset) that a student would for Tute. 

Teachers will update the progress tracker for their groups within 24 hours of the lesson having taken place.  You will be given access to a One Drive folder that will allow you to look at the progress and attendance information that each of your groups booked has.  Any queries relating to this, then you can contact your account manager and they will address any questions that you might have relating to this.  There is an option to take up some training allowing you to access further attendance and finance information relating to your booking upon request. 

How-to videos

Our customer management team have created a bank of how-to videos to help you navigate the Tute platform with ease.

Getting started

How do students log in to their accounts and join a lesson?

How do students access a lesson recording?

I’d like to see my students in an actual live lessonHow can I go about joining a live lesson?

How can I check to see what programme my student is on?

Platform management

Engagement and progress

How can I change
who receives attendance notifications?

How do I change my student’s password?

How can I view what my students are covering in past and upcoming lessons? 

How do I check student’s engagement and progress? 


How can I download attendance records so I can update school records?

How do I see my students’ attendance?

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