Tute Learning Cloud 

The Tute Learning Cloud supports our distinct, award-winning pedagogy honed from over 25,000 hours of teaching online to pupils in hundreds of UK and international schools.

Developed by teachers for teachers, the Learning Cloud ensures a high quality learning experience in a live, safeguarded environment.

Watch this demo live lesson to see Tute in action.

Built in-house, the Learning Cloud contains features and applications which support the delivery of outstanding teaching and learning.  Every feature in the platform is there to support a learning outcome and has been scoped by our qualified teaching team to ensure pupil progress. It is not an off-the-shelf solution and is unique in that it has been built for learning in small groups.

Pupils are taught in real time by a teacher in groups of 12 max. Students can see, talk with and listen to the teacher via their headset and webcam, and can interact using the whiteboard or engage further using live chat (IM), polling and hands-up/emoticon features.

The platform is SEND compliant and is flexible so that pupils can choose layouts which best suit their learning style for a personalised experience.

Tute Spaces

Between lessons pupils can continue to collaborate in their group by using Spaces. Teachers use Spaces to deliver directed learning, for setting and marking homework, or to deliver flipped lessons.

Pupils use the features to engage directly with their teacher and peers, to review recorded lessons and to work together on collaborative projects.

Our unique pedagogy

Our pedagogy supports learning together as we believe this to be a better way to ensure progress. Our research shows also that pupils love to learn in small groups and not alone, and in turn engage and advance more readily.

All Tute lessons follow the same structure, but with plentiful opportunity for teachers to personalise the learning for their students.


Learning objective: a question to arouse interest and to set the lesson or programme context.

Learning outcomes: the success criteria that facilitates the objective.

Activities: facilitating Tute's refined online pedagogy.

Assessment: a check on each of the learning outcomes throughout the lesson.

The teaching methods deployed to support these outcomes are:

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