Tute for Non-mainstream

Non-mainstreams, we can help!

Non-mainstream settings such as PRUs and charities use Tute to provide their students with learning opportunities that may otherwise not be possible. By building a partnership, we can overcome challenges that often prevent students reaching their potential and pursuing their aspirations. 

Small group learning

Our small group online lessons can stand alone or blend with other provision to deliver a high-quality inclusive curriculum, enabling students at all stages and levels of learning a chance to pursue their aspirations.

High quality teaching

Tute’s qualified teachers are improving outcomes for students from KS1-KS5 in over 30 subjects. Their passion for teaching, Tute’s pedagogically driven approach that is designed and refined to work in the online environment and help overcome barriers faced by students, enabling them to thrive.

Accessible and flexible

We have packaged our lessons into a choice of products that provide flexibility, suit different priorities, and work for varying budgets. Non-mainstream settings use one or a combination, depending on their needs.

How are non-mainstream settings using Tute?

For non-mainstream settings Tute is helping to engage some of the hardest to reach students. Our Learning Cloud is a genuinely inclusive online classroom where students can interact with teachers and with one another in the way that works best for them. Our subject specialists are helping to broaden curriculum offers and our small group lesson are reducing isolation for students unable to attend school. 

Arrange a virtual chat or presentation with Kate McCombe, Tute’s Director of Sales

We love telling people about what we do! If you’d like to take a closer look at Tute and learn more about how we could support students in your setting, you can request to arrange a virtual chat with Kate by simply completing this form. 

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