During the last lockdown, we created our Virtual Home School to support parents and their children. Since then, Tute has been approved as a Tuition Partner in the government's National Tutoring Programme, an initiative that supports disadvantaged pupils who were affected by school closures. Because we are to deliver lessons to almost 3,500 students, our teachers will be very busy and we don't have enough capacity to make Tute's Virtual Home School available this time around. But, of course, we want to help so would be delighted to welcome your children to our outstanding Virtual School. 

As a team of parents and passionate educators, we know what an important decision it is to choose a child’s education

Thank you for considering Tute during this difficult time when your child isn’t accessing their usual face-to-face lessons

 Every day hundreds of students access Tute's Virtual School, often as the main source of their education. They are enrolled into lessons by local authorities and schools who want high-quality education for their students, which they trust us to deliver.  We are making this available to you too.  

Make Tute's Virtual School a part of your homeschool timetable!

Explore our Virtual School timetables

Simply click on the buttons below to explore our timetables of the key stage of your choice:

Using tute is easy!

All lessons are delivered live in our safeguarded online classroom, the Tute Learning Cloud, by our team of experienced and highly qualified teachers.


Through easy-to-use platform, teachers, and pupils and can access all the resources and learning materials they will need such as timetables, lessons, progress tracking, and assessment, feedback, attendance records, and playback functionality.


Students see their teacher (the teacher does not see them) and build relationships with them and their classmates. They learn in a medium that is relevant and innate and communicate interactively in ways that build their confidence.  

Tute’s live lessons take place in our safeguarded online classroom – The Learning Cloud

Our student and parent feedback speaks for itself!

During the last lockdown, we were able to offer free Tute Extra lessons in a range of  subjects such as Space Exploration and Introduction to Law, and these lessons were really popular with our students.


We would love to be able to offer them again but our teachers’ timetables are full at the moment with the National Tutoring Programme. So, we’re working on this and hope to provide something soon! Please do keep checking this page.  

We're not running free Tute Extra lessons yet this lockdown - we're sorry!

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