Tute is proud to be an approved Tuition Partner in the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).

Children and young people up and down the country have experienced widespread disruption to their education during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In particular, students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with SEND have been disproportionately affected by school closures.

Tute is here to support teachers and students with the brilliant job they’re doing to get back on track and catch up on any learning missed.


What is the NTP?

The NTP was set up by government to help provide lessons to students whose education was most affected by the pandemic. The Government has allocated a £1 billion funding pot for this additional online and face-to-face tutoring.

Available to all schools in England, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4, lessons can be provided in English, Maths, Science, the Humanities, and Modern Foreign Langauges.


Already providing what the government hoped to achieve with the NTP, Tute was perfectly placed to help fulfil this mission, and is one of a small, select group of approved Tuition Partners in the UK.

Tute’s business model has not changed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Our offer is perfectly aligned with the Education Endowment Fund support strategies, as we provide:

Tute remains, as always, a trusted partner for schools; we can support whole school strategic approaches and help minimise what is likely to be a long-term legacy from Covid-19 on student learning.


To help students overcome the effects of school closures due to the pandemic, Tute is offering small-group tuition as part of the NTP.

Learners from disadvantaged backgrounds will receive online lessons from our qualified teachers to help close the gaps. They will be in groups of no more than three students per lesson, and the NTP with subsidise lessons to ensure those who need it can access tuition.

Your students can access the NTP via Tute, both in school and from home, in the form of our Tute Go product, as private lessons.

Research from the National Tutoring Programme found that nine in ten children felt more confident learning in a virtual setting over lockdown.

To enable and support flexibility for both schools and students, we are extending our timetables to offer tuition at weekends and during school holiday periods.

We have our own unique, safeguarded Learning Cloud where all lessons are delivered. As an online classroom, schools in any region can access Tute’s tutoring provision and benefit from:

  • Virtual learning experts – since 2012, our experienced and passionate team of teachers have delivered 60,000 lessons to 9,000 students in over 400 education settings, in our safeguarded online classroom
  • We put the student at the heart of all we do – Tute’s live and interactive lessons support students in a 1:3 ratio to improve outcomes, engagement and confidence with learning
  • Targeted learning support – our team of qualified and specialist teachers will work closely with you to plan targeted learning programmes, based on the national curriculum, to meet students’ individual needs
  • Removing barriers to learning – at Tute we have always provided virtual lessons, recognising the benefits which studying online can bring to students who struggle in a traditional classroom environment or cannot easily attend school in person

You can learn more about Tute’s expertise and our vision here.

Tute will act as your partner, not just a provider. Our team of specialist teachers and highly trained staff will work closely with you to plan targeted learning programmes, and provide dedicated support with clear communication at all times. We will do as much of the heavy lifting as we can!

The £1 billion set aside by government to fund the NTP means that schools can access Tute at a 75% discount. 

With groups limited to three students, the cost per group lesson is £60, subsided by the NTP to £15 per group per lesson, or £5 per student. A block of 20 lessons would cost you just £100.


Please register your interest in accessing our NTP provision here.

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