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Becky Clark

Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning

Enhanced KS3/GCSE Courses

KS3/GCSE courses advanced booking

We are thrilled to unveil the changes to our curriculum for the upcoming 23-24 academic year. We have split the KS3 timetables into separate schedules, a Year 7 and Year 8 timetable and a separate Year 9 timetable, facilitating the progression from primary to secondary education and to effectively equip Year 9 students for their GCSE success. Our enhanced curriculum includes a comprehensive digital literacy program covering the fundamentals in computing and wider digital literacy topics like artificial intelligence. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHW) and online safety are year-long programs with changing content, addressing social media safety and cyber security. Enrichment Wednesdays offer exciting options such as financial literacy, online safety, and mental health and wellbeing. 

Shared courses at KS3 and KS4 now include maths and English intervention to support students in these fundamental subjects. Year 9 introduces a ‘Work Related Education’ course equivalent to 1 GCSE, providing practical skills for future careers. 

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