Improve Progress 8 performance in KS3 with Tute online lessons.

With the shift in focus from attainment to progress, engaging your pupil premium, more able & talented and excluded students can have a measurable impact on the overall performance of your school.

Tute online lessons are an easy, affordable and measurable way to provide additional support, breadth and challenge to students in KS3..

Tute has been used very successfully by Shireland Collegiate Academy to help raise Progress 8 performance using interventions at KS3. A white paper has been written by Sir Mark Grundy outlining the benefits to schools of this approach.

"The use of Tute as an intervention has been hugely beneficial to students and staff at KS3 in Shireland."

Principal David Irish explains how Tute has helped Shireland improve Progress 8 performance.

"Many schools and academies end load interventions into KS4 in order to boost examination outcomes and this happens to the detriment of intervention at KS3.


Using Tute has been hugely empowering for staff as an efficient way of delivering bespoke intervention for students. The professional approach of Tute teachers to the process has ensured that detailed feedback on next steps that students and staff would require to boost performance. It created many efficiencies for us including reducing staff workload."

Shireland White Paper

Watch this demo live lesson to see Tute in action.

Tute lessons are live online lessons delivered by qualified teachers in groups of up to 12 students.

  • 45-minute, live lessons delivered by qualified teachers on webcam using the Tute online platform.


  • Up to 12 young people taught online in a group lesson.


  • Students communicate by voice (microphone on PC), live chat and using an interactive whiteboard.

  • The curriculum, lessons and scheme of learning are all agreed with the teacher/school in advance.

KS3 interventions to support Progress 8.

The implementation of Tute within Shireland Collegiate Academy (SCA) was with the intention of improving student development and success. Tute has been deployed across the Key Stages and across a range of subject disciplines - in some areas to great effect on the attendance, engagement and learning of the students.


Tute is now becoming a valued instrument in the academy for supporting students and has contributed to the growth in attainment over the last 3 years.

Tute’s successes include:

  • An average of 94% attendance at KS3 Tute intervention clubs.

  • 65% of student users at KS3 declared a strong desire to continue using Tute to aid their studies.

  • 78% of student users found the work appropriately challenging and stimulating.

  • 92% of students reported that Tute had a positive impact on their learning.

Real teachers, real engagement.

Students who are not engaged or stretched by their lessons in the classroom – and those who must learn away from the classroom, may not make sufficient progress with traditional online resources.

Tute is different. Our faculty of qualified, experienced teachers deliver high quality lessons, live online via the innovative Tute Learning Cloud platform.


They work closely with your teachers to plan the
additional support that will be right for the learning needs of each student.

Students love learning on Tute.

"Tute gives me opportunities to get ahead and go the extra mile."


"It’s an online programme that helps children learn. You go online and can book a session and really learn a lot. I liked the fact it was online and I (my parents) didn’t have to drive me to a Tuition Centre."


"If you learn something in class and don't understand it, you can go back to her [your Tute teacher] and tell her and she'll help you with it."

Discover Tute today.

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We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how tute works and why our online lessons are so effective.


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