Having provided children across the country with more than 55,000 online remote learning lessons over the years, at Tute we respect and appreciate the challenges these teachers have faced; teaching online demands a completely new skill set. But Tute has been working on this problem since 2007.​

Why Tute?

We have been working with local authorities, schools and parents to reduce the developmental impact of Covid-19.


We continue to work closely with local authorities, schools, parents, and students to provide tailored and flexible learning alongside face to face teaching.


Whatever your requirement, we look forward to discussing how, with Tute’s help, you can reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on children’s lives.

 Our skilled and highly effective online teachers have been working to fill these developmental gaps in a variety of ways to suit each child’s individual needs.


Our work includes the provision of:

Still unsure? Our team can discuss the specific needs of your pupils and suggest what would work best – give us a call or email:

Students with Masks

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

back to school

Thanks to the pressures of a global pandemic, there has - unfortunately - never been a time where there are so many gaps in children's education. There has also never been a time where Tute's cause has been more important. 

Lockdown learning highlighted the inequalities in learning provision across the UK, especially for those pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, or with needs which sit outside mainstream education. Students who could not access quality learning materials or study in a safe environment at home during school closures are now at risk of falling behind their peers academically, widening the attainment gap further.

Teachers have worked so hard during the school closures to provide remote learning support for their pupils. But now teachers now face new challenges with helping students catch up on any learning missed and get back on track with their education.


Helping to fill the gaps in education and ensure all children receive a high-quality education during this challenging period is at the heart of Tute.

Our team of qualified teachers deliver live lessons in our safeguarded online classroom, providing a rich and flexible curriculum in Key Stages 1-5 in over 30 subjects: from Maths and Biology, to French, Business and History. Whether your pupil requires catch-up learning, alternative provision or intervention support, Tute is on hand to help you meet each learner’s requirements as we go back to school.

How can Tute help with your pupils' return to school?

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