How to access lessons

Accessing your Tute lessons is easy... but any problems you do encounter can be solved following our help articles below.


Please make sure you are using a desktop or laptop PC with Google Chrome as your web browser.  

Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported for Tute lessons

I can't hear my teacher - How to use the lesson audio

Check your volume is up and not muted in your PC sound settings.  If using a headset, make sure it is properly connected and that any physical volume controls are turned up and not muted.

To hear your teacher you need to be connected to the lesson audio.  You can check this by looking at your username in the Users list where you should see a green icon of a headset or microphone next to your user name.





If you do not have either icon showing next to your username, click the Audio button at the bottom of the bottom of the lesson. 


Choose your preferred option of Mic or Listen only and you will be connected to the audio.  Your audio icon at the bottom of the screen will now show either Mic or Headphones.


If you select Mic and can't get it to work, see section 'My teacher can't hear me - how to use your microphone'

My teacher can't hear me - how to use your microphone








When you chose Mic as your lesson audio option, you need to grant permission by selecting 'Allow' when prompted by your browser.



Now follow the on screen instructions to test your microphone out.  Speak a few words and you should hear them played back to you on the echo test.  If you click Yes, you will be connected to the lesson audio and can now use your microphone to talk on the lesson.


If you do not hear anything on the echo test check your volume is working and click 'No'.  You will now be able to change your audio settings.  Under 'Microphone source' select your working mic.  You can also change your speaker source.  Test your speaker source by clicking the 'Play Sound' link.





Now you have selected your working Mic, click the retry button to return to the echo test.  If you still can't hear yourself back on the echo test double check your mic is not muted and is working in your PC audio and device settings.  Finally, check that your browser isn't blocking access to the microphone - see the next section.


My microphone is blocked - How to unblock your mic in your browser

If your mic doesn't work on the echo test, or you see an error saying 'There was an issue with your media devices' then your browser could be blocking access to your microphone.  This is normally indicated by an icon in your browser's address bar.  See the following examples for the three main browsers supported by Tute.

Google Chrome

Look for the Camera icon with a red 'x' on the right side of the address bar.  Click it, and select 'Always allow...' and select 'Done'.  Now refresh your lesson page and make sure to click allow if prompted.



Mozilla Firefox

Look for the Microphone icon with a red dot on the left side of the address bar and click it.  Click the 'X' o remove the 'Blocked Temporarily' message and refresh your lesson page.  Make sure to click 'Allow' when prompted.





Microsoft Edge

Look for the Microphone icon with a red dot on the right side of the address bar.  Click it, and select 'Always allow...' and select 'Done'.  Now refresh your lesson page and make sure to click allow if prompted.



Tute is used in hundreds of schools and is approved by local authorities. We conform to the highest safeguarding standards, and have the necessary tools to help support young people with SEND.


Every Tute session is recorded. This means that we monitor every lesson and ensure the very best quality of teaching. Parents can review the lesson too, as can the student for revision.


Our teachers are qualified, and are DBS checked. As trained professionals they have a natural authority, and can manage effective and engaging classes.

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