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We can’t wait for you to watch us and our guest panellist from Wokingham Virtual School as they shared their personal story of how using online learning enabled them to provide immediate access to ESOL teaching for learners who can’t afford to wait until September for ESOL lessons.

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About Tute

Creating a world where online learning enables any child, anywhere to fulfil their potential

Tute’s qualified, experienced teachers deliver live online lessons to fill gaps in the education of children and young people across key stages 1-5. 

We deliver ESOL, alternative provision, tuition, revision, enrichment, functional skills, GCSEs, and A levels to support LAs, schools, and non-mainstream settings to fulfil their statutory obligations.

“I wasn’t a fan of physical classrooms. I ended up dropping out of public secondary school in like the beginning of year 8, I think? Then I spent the next 3-4 years not really doing anything until GCSEs came up and my school recommended Tute… I experienced autistic burnout but I didn’t know I was autistic at the time so no one (and myself) had any idea what was going on with me and my mental health just kind of declined super fast…”