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Tute Virtual School

If you require schemes of learning for any of the topics, just ask and we will be more than happy to share them!

Tute's Virtual School gives students who are in need of short-term provision access to high-quality lessons covering English, maths, science, humanities and other curriculum subjects, delivered by Tute's qualified teachers. Students join a group of up to 12 other learners in a choice of differentiated programmes, mapped to the National Curriculum. The timetable is fixed with a choice of between 2 and 20 lessons per week across KS1-KS4. 


The Tute team can enrol students within 48 hours, ensuring day six provision and following every lesson, you will have access to a report that tracks students' progress and engagement against set learning objectives. If you'd like to see those learning objectives, just ask and we will share our schemes of learning.

Click on the timetables to the left to discover what's on offer this half-term.

Tute Courses

Tute’s 2019-20 shared courses are delivered in one or two years by a fully-qualified teacher and result in a qualification at either Level 1 or 2, GCSE, AS or A-Level. They are built in such a way that allows students to be referred at any point throughout the year, which makes it a perfect choice for students who are in alternative provision settings; those who cannot attend school; or students who simply find the traditional classroom troublesome.


A group is made up of 10 students from different organisations and you pay on a per student basis. The student/s can be enrolled until the end of the course, or for a shorter period of time that suits their educational circumstances. Students can be up and running in a course within 48 hours, all we need is a booking form.


This year, Tute has expanded its subject offer in shared courses. See more information below, and click on the timetables to the right to discover what's on offer.

Due to required minimum numbers, not all courses are running. Please ask a member of the Tute team.

If you require schemes of learning for any of the topics, just ask and we will be more than happy to share them!

Tute Go

If you require schemes of learning for any of the topics, just ask and we will be more than happy to share them!

Please note, due to the cancellation of exams, we won’t be running our Tute Go programme during half terms 5 and 6

Tute makes available targeted programmes of lessons as interventions to support enrichment, extension, catch-up and revision from KS2-KS5. Each half term, Tute chooses relevant, high-quality programmes to make available to schools, LAs and non-mainstream settings to support needs at different times of the academic year. 

Click on our timetable on the left to discover what's on offer this half-term

COMING SOON: ESOL/EAL English lessons

Tute Go will soon be offering online English Lessons to support students whose first language isn’t English. The ESOL/EAL lessons will be suitable for beginners & intermediate learners. Click here for more information

Tute Extra

Tute teachers create engaging programmes covering a wide range of subject areas to enrich curriculum, to develop skills and knowledge beyond core subjects, and to foster in students a love and respect for learning for its own sake. 


Tute will collaborate with partners to ensure that the half-termly programmes made available support students and schools’ needs in areas that are not always to easy to cater for. This year we are excited to  launch programmes in mental health and wellbeing; global, contemporary environmental issues; space physics; and reading for pleasure. Something for everyone! 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Tute Extra programme in mental health and wellbeing. A series of six lessons delivered by our specially-trained teachers, it has been built to fit into your curriculum to provide informative sessions to promote positive mental wellness and how students can look after themselves to prevent crisis.

Click on our timetable on the right to discover what's on offer this half-term.

If you require schemes of learning for any of the topics, just ask and we will be more than happy to share them!

Tute’s objective is to be the first-choice online teaching partner for schools and other non-mainstream settings in ensuring that all children are engaged and are achieving in a high-quality, rich and inclusive curriculum. tute's range of products, delivered by our qualified teachers, fill the ever-increasing gaps in provision.

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