Online lessons as interventions to support enrichment,

extension, catch-up and revision from KS2-KS5

"It's like being in a classroom but better, really."

- tute student

Why Tute Go?

Tute makes available targeted programmes of lessons as interventions to support enrichment, extension, catch-up and revision from KS2-KS5. Each half term, Tute chooses relevant, high-quality programmes to make available to schools, LAs and non-mainstream settings to support needs at different times of the academic year. 



Tute Go benefits any type of education setting and our customers range from schools to colleges and PRUs to LAs; each reporting equal success in different circumstances. From being a solution to cover a teacher’s absence, to provide breadth and depth to a curriculum, or seeking a specialist when your establishment does not have it; a Tute course can fill the gap.

To suit different budgets and priorities, Tute provides a private and a shared option:

With tute shared lessons your students join an online group of up to 12 students from other schools at a set time. tute chooses the provision based on what schools and LAs need and set the timetable. You pay on a per student, per lesson basis.


This is the best option if one or more of the below

apply to you:

  • Tute’s current provision suits your students

  • There are fewer than 6 students

  • Those students have varied requirements

  • If you do not require timetable flexibility.

Shared Provision

With tute private lessons only students from your school attend the online lesson. The schemes of learning are bespoke to your needs and the lessons can be arranged at a time to suit you. You pay per group, per lesson for up to 12 students, with the same cost applying for any number below this.

This is the best option if one or more of the below

apply to you:

  • You require a specific provision

  • There are 6 or more students

  • Those students’ requirements are similar

  • You require timetable flexibility

Private Provision

Both Private and Shared Courses are structured and delivered in the same way, to the same specification and timeline and include the following:

2019-2020 Provision

Below, you can view Tute’s shared Tute Go timetable for each half term throughout the year and express an interest in reserving a seat or seats in these programme; the more you reserve, the more discount we can provide.

Select the “express interest” option, and let us know which half-term, subject and level it is that would benefit your learners and a member of our friendly team will get in touch to answer your questions.

Half-term 1

Half-term 4

Half-term 2

Half-term 5

Half-term 3

Half-term 6

Tute’s objective is to be the first-choice online teaching partner for schools and other non-mainstream settings in ensuring that all children are engaged and are achieving in a high-quality, rich and inclusive curriculum. tute's range of products, delivered by our qualified teachers, fill the ever-increasing gaps in provision.

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