Getting started

What resources do we need for students to access Tute?

Each student will need access to a computer with internet connection and a headset with a microphone.

Can we use iPads?

For iPads you will need to download Puffin browser for Tute to work. Students should also have a separate keypad as the integral software keypad will obscure their view of the Learning Cloud.

Do we need any software?

You will not need to buy any software. You will need to ensure Adobe Flash is updated to the latest version.

Which browser is best?

We recommend Google Chrome which has Adobe Flash built-in.

Do we need webcams?

Your students will not need webcams. In our Learning Cloud, students can see their Tute teacher, but the teacher cannot see the student. If they are not accessing Tute together from the same space, students will not see one another.

How long does it take to get set up?

We allow a period of 2 weeks from receiving your completed booking forms to delivering your lessons. This time is used to schedule your lessons, prepare resources and create login details for your students. New customers will also require an IT test to be undertaken during this period.

For students accessing Tute from home as alternative provision, we can normally enrol into our shared lessons within 48 hours. No IT testing is required for students accessing from home.

Can we do a free trial?

We can provide a free taster lesson for up to 8 participants. The participants can be students or staff or a mixture of both.

How will I know what my credit balance is?

At half-termly intervals we will provide a report that details your opening balance, orders placed and remaining balance for each period. We will not let you incur any deficits. If the value of a new order placed should exceed the value of your balance held, we will inform you of this and invite you to top-up to maintain your agreed level.

How do I join a lesson?

Log into your account at (you will see a login box to click on). Enter your user name and password. Click on the Timetable icon and go to the date of the lesson. You will see the event – click on this and join your lesson.


Do you run revision programmes?

Our Tute Go programmes include a range of core subject revision topics. You can also use our Learning Programmes to create bespoke revision programmes in all subjects we offer.

What year groups do you work with?

We are supporting students from Year 1 – Year 12 with intervention, enrichment, revision, alternative provision and courses.

Is there a minimum number of students?

There is no minimum number of students required to work with Tute. For individuals, seats can be purchased in our shared provision. Private lessons can accommodate from one to a maximum of 12 students. Costings for our Private Courses are based on a minimum of 5 students.

What subjects do you offer?

What courses can you provide?

We offer Functional Skills, GCSE, AS and A Level in a broad range of subjects.

What about exams?

Tute is not a registered exam centre and exam entries and administration must be the responsibility of the commissioner.


How will we know what progress our students are making?

Tute will provide regular reporting in accordance with the agreed level of frequency associated with each of our products. This may be weekly or per lesson and for courses will include half-termly

What is spaces?


Are your teachers DBS checked?

We recruit in accordance with the DfE’s safer recruiting guidelines. All teachers have an enhanced certificate of disclosure, issued by the DBS. We also undertake barred list checks, obtain proof of qualification and request references from previous employers.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All Tute teachers are have QTS and are experienced practitioners in their chosen subjects and phase of education.

Here are the most common questions we’re asked by our customers. You can find more in our support pages or, if you wish, use our Live Chat service to talk to one of our team.

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