Jasmine Brown

Maximising impact: formative assessment

Formative assessment is a familiar strategy to all in education.  It’s the day-to-day appraisal of students’ knowledge, understanding and progress so that teachers can identify gaps in learning and plan to address these in the subsequent lessons. Formative assessment has consistently been identified as an effective strategy in maximising impact on student progress.  Shirley Clarke’s …

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Maximising impact: promoting student engagement

The terms ‘student engagement’ and ‘engaging students’ are often conflated, but what do these terms mean and how can we promote better engagement in learning? Engaging students’ refers to what we as teaching staff and as institutions of education do to engage and involve students in their learning. ‘Student engagement,’ on the other hand, refers to what students do, such as the amount of effort they spend studying, the extent to which …

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Maximising impact: quality of teaching

In my previous blogs, we began looking at how to maximise the impact of short-term interventions and optimising that impact further by adjusting the frequency and duration of programmes.  We want our students to get the most out of their programmes and really thrive in their subjects through their lessons with Tute. This week, I want to talk about another key factor in ensuring this …

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