Who We Are

Tute’s purpose is to make the best teaching available to all irrespective of location or background.

Our Team

Sean Gardner

CEO & Founder

A father of two daughters, Sean has been involved in early stage companies for most of his working career. Highlights include Orange Plc, breathe.com and moneyexpert.com which he founded.

Vanessa Brown

Director of Teaching and Learning

A mother of two daughters and a teacher for 11 years, Vanessa has a long-standing passion for teaching, striving to ensure a progression in learning and achievement across the whole ability spectrum..

Chris Baldock


A successful business leader, mentor and builder of companies with both corporate and SMB experience on a National and International scale. An engineer with a progressive career in sales and marketing followed by high profile MD, Chairman and Non-Executive roles in technology organisations.

The inspiration for Tute

How Sean’s daughter inspired him to create Tute


Our History

  • 2011

    An idea is born

    Tute was founded in 2011 by Sean and James who scribed a few pages on Sean’s dining table in Tattenhall under the title of Project Wise Owl. Sean was keen to support his daughter who they had recently discovered was dyslexic, so she could keep pace with the curriculum. He found there was a real gap in the provision of high quality tutoring that complemented mainstream education. Project Wise Owl was the first iteration of Tute and Sean’s vision soon expanded to making the best teaching available to any student who would benefit from additional support – anytime, anywhere. A few weeks later, Sean met Nick – their daughters went to the same school (he lives in Tattenhall too) – and was introduced to a tech team called CloudThing in which Nick was involved. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • 2012

    Beta School Launches

    Sean, James and CloudThing founded Tute in early 2012 and launched the first beta service a year later. Since then we’ve built a virtual school and persuaded lots of great teachers to join us, led by Vanessa, our Director of Teaching and Learning. In our first year we provided learning opportunities to over 30,000 pupils and we’ve now taught over 70,000 students across a few hundred schools.

  • 2015

    Team Expands

    The beta trials show that Tute helps pupils to progress. However, the Government announces a change in the way pupil attainment is measured, meaning that schools can do as they like to demonstrate pupil progress. We decide we must have an independent measure for ourselves, and so invest in supporting doctorial candidates in the University of Chester and Durham University. In parallel, we expand our teaching team and sign up more schools, including provision bought by the DfE to support Trojan Schools where additional teaching resources were needed.

  • 2016

    Piloting home teaching

    We expand into Hong Kong in addition to our UK business. The aim is to learn how to deliver teaching into the home, and how best to develop our consumer services. After 6 months we know how to build a sustainable product, and commit further investment to building an exciting home service to launch in the Autumn. Meantime, we continue to grow our school base, and to support provision for 26 local authorities. Our user base exceeds 350,000 pupils.

Our Guarantee

No risk, all reward. If you’re not completely satisfied we will give you your money back.

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Our Purpose

“Tute’s purpose is to make the best teaching available to all, irrespective of location or background”

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