Extending your School Day

Extending the school day is an obvious way to increase teaching capacity. Schools are using Tute lessons to deliver after school clubs, or for extra revision and catch-up. Indeed Oriel High School in West Sussex found that their students enjoy Tute lessons so much they will even stay behind on a Friday!

Consider also how school day extension might help capture the parent pound. In a recent blog we highlighted how some schools are already trying to tap into the £6bn spent on out of school learning.

  • Build on your curriculum with lessons delivered at home
  • Involve parents and carers
  • Lessons for after school clubs
  • £10 per seat

"The headteacher asked me how I get students here after school on a Friday? The thing is, is that Tute sells itself really. They’re always engaged and always want to come back."


Jack Swales
Deputy Head of Science Faculty - Oriel High School

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