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Ever wondered why some students find learning easy and others do not? How frustrating is it toiling over hours and hours of revision only to find that half of what you think you have learnt has disappeared.

The Learning Partnership team have spent 30 years at the forefront of learning research, perfecting a suite of Exam Hacks – strategies for revision, learning and exam taking that will make it easy for you too!

All the students we have ever worked with face to face have seen their grades improve by at least 1 grade, sometimes by 3 or 4 grades!

Our partnership with Tute enables our team to deliver this knowledge to you in your own home whilst you are planning your revision. 45 minutes per day for 5 days is all we need to transform your revision success and exam techniques. You will receive 5 action-packed modules showing the map to your exam success, backed up by online support and bonus resources.

Module 1 Overview and Environmental Preparation

The Overview will take you through our route map of the five stages to Exam Success.
We will then deal with the physical and mental aspects of creating the Ideal Environment for Revision.
Specifically, Lex McKee will cover the physical aspects of how to turn your study area into your very own “Learning Laboratory” – using your learning space as the place to lock down the memories of your key subjects.
The mental aspects will cover Vanda North’s Internationally acclaimed “Mind Chi” approach to creating the ideal state of mind to learn in: body relaxed, mind alert, memory engaged!

Module 2 Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping is one of the fastest ways to learn and to remember. Visual maps are particularly powerful because of the way they mirror the way our brains like to think. Because they work in a Brain-Friendly way, they are an easy way to accelerate your Exam Success.
The three sections in this module will deal with Structure, the Visual aspect, and then the use of MEGA and Mini Maps to give you both the Overview of your subjects and the immediate detail you need to get a grip on what you are learning.
As a bonus, we’ll point you to some of the software solutions for digital mapping.

Module 3 Memory Mastery

The great news is that it is easy and fun to master your memory recall when you know the key principles. The first section of this module will share FLORIA, Vanda’s model for remembering anything. Lex McKee will then expand in the second two parts of the lesson into how you can apply easy to use memory systems to make recall a walk in the park – literally!

Module 4 Precision Revision

Our easy to apply approach to revision is unveiled in Module 4. In the three sections Lex McKee will show how there is an idea rhythm to reviewing your studies, how rehearsal can really make the subject stick in your mind, and how reflection let’s your sub-conscious mind work on making your learning part of your long-term memory.

Module 5 Getting Ready for Your Exam Success

In our final module, Vanda North walks you through the FOUR (three) key time-frames to make this work for you: The night before the exam, on the day of each exam, in the exam itself, and what to do after each exam to ensure success in the future.
We will weave together all the thinking and techniques learned so far so that you’ll feel confident and competent as you conquer each exam.


Tute is working in partnership with Dendrite – which means that you’ll have access to bonus resources and opportunities to support one another both inside and outside each lesson.

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Every Tute session is recorded. This means that we monitor every lesson and ensure the very best quality of teaching. Parents can review the lesson too, as can the student for revision.


Our teachers are qualified, and are DBS checked. As trained professionals they have a natural authority, and can manage effective and engaging classes.

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